The Bartram Forest
4.0 Mile Loop
* Start at the parking area and head straight down the hill and across the dam
* continue on up the gravel climb past the dam
* in about .25 miles you'll come to a dead end of sorts -- bear to the right which is
the way most traffic goes (to the left is not as defined)
* continue for a short distance (100 yards or less) taking the first turn to the left
*continue on past a piece of old farm equipment on the left and follow your nose
basically downhill until you come to the power line break
* go straight across the power line break and continue along the
sandy road for about 1/3 mile and take the first right you come to
(if you go left you will head across Reedy Creek toward the  Forestry Office
and Jessie Scott Road).
*after the right turn continue for about 1/2 mile until you come to a fork where
you will bear to the right -- the left fork is not as ridden and not as well defined.
*after bearing to the right continue for another 1/2 mile until you dead end into
another road on which you will turn to the left.
*after turning left continue a couple hundred yards and take the first turn
to the right (if you go past this you will come to a gate at Carl Vinson Road)
*continue after the turn, crossing the gas line break three times, until you come
into the back area of the Harriet Whipple Study Area (Pavilion and Rest Rooms)
*ride through the pines behind the Pavilion and head up the lane back to the
parking area (Start/Finish).


Safety Advisory Committee
“Safe use of the forest is the only allowable use

Dog Owners’ Responsibilities:
Dog owners must maintain verbal or physical control of their dogs at all times whether leashed or not.  Dogs that can not be controlled should not be brought to the Forest as they constitute a danger to hikers, runners and particularly to cyclists.  The map shows the route favored by cyclists and runners (red arrows).  There are many other areas to exercise dogs that avoid or only partially use these routes

Cyclists’ Responsibilities:
When approaching hikers or runners from behind cyclists should announce the side they are passing on.  The universal method of this is for the cyclist to say “passing on your left,” “on your left,” or “track left.”  All of these examples mean the runner or jogger should yield that side by moving to or “favoring” the right side of the trail.  And of course the opposite applies if the cyclist announces “passing on your right,” etc.  Since cycling is a higher speed activity than hiking or running, cyclists must maintain control of their bikes at all times and not exceed their handling abilities when riding on a multi-use trail.  When approaching blind turns cyclists should always ride single file.  Helmets should be worn.

Hikers’ and Runners’ Responsibilities:
Hikers/Runners should understand the passing terminology of cyclists and recognize that a cyclist moving at 20+ miles per hour cannot immediately stop.  Hikers should walk single file on blind turns and be alert at all times for approaching cyclists.

Trail Work:

The Selma Irwin Nature Trail and other trails in the Bartram Forest are wholly or partially maintained by the local mountain biking community.  If you wish to contribute your time to these efforts please send an email to: